I am a bright and motivated UX designer with a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction + Design from the University of Washington. I am passionate about integrating a background in human behavior and human-centered design into creating engaging user experiences and interactions.

My passion for design stems from a desire to make meaningful things that have a positive impact on the way we live. However, at my core as a UX designer, I am a talented problem solver. I attribute my ability to respond to complex problems with simple and engaging design solutions to three core skills:

Research. My background in psychology and design research makes me proficient at identifying the right questions to ask, answering them, and translating insights into actionable design requirements.

Leadership. I may not always be the most skilled designer in the room, but my strong leadership abilities enable me to effectively organize groups and motivate those around me. I love collaborating with others, and my passion and work ethic help me lead by example.

Tools. My experience working on a wide range of projects has provided me a good sense of what tools to use and when. I am proficient with many design and prototyping tools, but more importantly I am able to quickly pick up new tools as I need them.

The user experience design process is often messy, chaotic, and ambiguous. I can be relied on to take an initial concept or idea, and apply concrete methods to reach a meaningful and tangible solution.


Phone: (206)-755-8766

Email: cjung15@uw.edu


Drawn by the rigorous academic opportunities and strong sense of community, I went to Dartmouth with an interest in pursuing engineering. While I enjoyed building and creating, I felt that the engineering courses were missing something: I wanted to understand how people think and behave first before building and designing -- so I decided to major in psychology. In order to combine my interests in design, psychology, and engineering (and help like-minded students do the same), I helped create a new minor at Dartmouth called human-centered design.

March-August, 2013

During a 5-month internship at Lextant, a design research firm in Columbus, OH, I gained experience with designing user experiences for a variety of different project types. I learned how to create research methodologies, analyze data, and translate findings into design deliverables.


As someone who has always adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, I co-founded a startup while I was at Dartmouth. Working on Tether (a social networking app) offered an opportunity to develop my own sense of design, shape the user experience for a new idea, and collaborate with developers to create an innovative solution that resonates with users.

University of Washington

My desire to focus further on the way people interact with technology has led me to the University of Washington, where I earned a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction + Design (MHCI+D). This has experience has provided me with a strong grounding in the user-centered design process and valuable testing, prototyping, and communication skills.